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This service is intended for the students and staff our faculty. You can ask question about information any of topic - in the libraries, in networked resources and on Internet, about anything else in support of research, with using the Library's special collections (e.g. in biology, biochemistry, biophysic, geology, geography, zoology).

Email a librarian: or ask on Skype nijole_7.
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Frequently asked questions

May students of other libraries use Vilnius University Library services?

Students of all Lithuanian universities may become VU Library readers provided they have a Lithuanian student identity card. Those who haven’t got a LSIC are given a temporary reader’s card valid for one year.

May the loan term be renewed for one month once again after it had been renewed for one month already?

The loan term may be renewed for one month once again if: the book have not been ordered by another reader who had reserved it; the loan term has not ended. We advise you to renew the loan term one day prior to the end of the loan term.

Are there any term papers, master’s papers and diploma papers in the Library?

Papers are held in faculty dean’s office and departments.

Do VU faculty libraries have separate electronic catalogues or shall we search in the general Library catalogue?

VU libraries has one general electronic catalogue including records of holdings of faculty libraries.

I would like to order several publications from libraries abroad via Interlibrary Loan. Should I contact the foreign library myself from where to loan the necessary items or is it performed by officers of your Library?

If you want to order books from other library you need not do it yourself. Please contact our librarians. Postal expenses are paid by the reader.
Please place your orders and contact for information:
Telephone: (+370 5) 2 68 71 20
Fax: (+370 5) 2 68 71 04